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New Orleans Engagement Photographer | 7 Tips for Photos You’ll Love!

Congratulations! You two are madly in love and now engaged! Once you choose your New Orleans engagement photographer, you two can get started planning an amazing session that puts you at ease and gives you photos you’ll love for a lifetime!

Here are the top things to consider when planning your session! 


1. Choose a Location that Makes You Feel Confident

A huge part of making you and your spouse-to-be at ease and camera-ready is choosing a location that resonates with you. These are, quite often, the first professional images of you two. You want to be so in love with them that they’re framed and shared with your friends and families for years to come! The last thing you want is to be strolling with your photographer for an hour and feeling out of place.

Choose a place where you two feel comfortable and confident.

As a New Orleans engagement photographer, I always encourage my couples to check out photo shoot locations beforehand if they’re not sure — even if it’s just Googling or asking the venue to send photos.

There is no such thing as a place that’s too down-to-earth, or too fancy, or “too ugly”! If you have your heart set on certain mood, you two should absolutely choose that location you have in mind.

Pick a location that matches your vibe!


2. What to Wear (and What NOT to Wear)

This has to be one of the most popular questions I get as a New Orleans engagement photographer. Just like choosing your location for comfort and confidence, choosing what to wear to your engagement session is a key part of planning.


Here’s what I suggest for the couple:

  • Match your outfit choice to the vibe of the location. If you two are a bit more glamorous and want your engagement photos taken at a mansion or similar venue, dressier attire is more appropriate. Similarly, if you want to have your session at a farm, cocktail attire might not match the mood you’re trying to achieve.
  • Iron! Remember to iron out those pesky wrinkles before your engagement session.


Here’s what I suggest for her:

  • A light, flowy dress that is able to catch the breeze. Simple jewelry. Choose a BOLD color such as red, blue, or purple for that punch of color against the backdrop or go for more muted pastels. 
  • If you’re not comfortable in a dress or if it’s too cold out, you can always go for a dark pair of jeans and a nice blouse. 
  • As for your shoes, just keep the location in mind when deciding between style and comfort!   


Here’s what I suggest for him:

  • Button-down shirts and light sweaters are great, classic choices.
  • For pants: chinos or slacks depending on location. 
  • For shoes: again, keep the location in mind!


What NOT to Wear:

  • Avoid being too matchy-matchy. The trick here is to focus on looking coordinated rather than identical.
  • Avoid logos, graphics, and bold prints. The focus should be on you two! These tend to take away from that.
  • Avoid t-shirts, tank tops, and old shoes or sneakers.


3. Show Up Done Up and Feeling Your Best!

Some brides-to-be will have their practice run for hair and makeup the day of their engagement session. This can help you feel a little more done up for the shoot.

This is by no means a necessity! If you choose to do your own hair and makeup, give yourself a little extra prep time before your session to nail the look you’re going for.


4. Time of the Day

Well you know what they say: timing is everything! The same applies for your engagement session!

That golden light that coats the sky and trees towards the end of the day is the result of golden hour (or magic hour). To capture this special time of the day, schedule your engagement session 1-2 hours before sunset.

This timing can get tricky if you’re scheduling your engagement session in a heavily wooded area or in a big city with skyscrapers. In these instances, the sun will set behind the tall trees and buildings before magic hour. Plan accordingly and shoot for 3-4 hours before sunset.


5. Be Punctual

With the sun setting quicker the closer we get to magic hour, it’s key to meet your engagement photographer at your location on time. Even ten minutes closer to sunset can make a huge difference with the amount of available light! Find a day and time that works, be on time, and have a fun!


6. Be Prepared with a Rain Date

Rain happens and it’s totally ok! Unlike a wedding where the date is set months in advance, we have the amazing ability to adjust for the weather for engagement sessions.

I always suggest picking a rain date so you have a chance to reschedule just in case the weather does not cooperate. 

Be honest with your photographer about what your priorities are in advance. If you’ve been dreaming of those gorgeous, sun-soaked golden hour engagement photos we all love, talk to you photographer before your session and pick a rain date (or two!).


7. Trust Your Photographer and Ask Questions!

By the time your engagement session rolls around, you’ve been pouring over your photographer’s Instagram, website, blog, and Pinterest board. You have an eye for the quality of work she or he produces. Trust that!

Take the time of your session to enjoy being in love and having fun. Engagement sessions give you a full one to two hours to stroll hand in hand and stress-free. Enjoy it and be in the moment!

It’s ok to be a little nervous at the start. Once you start working with your photographer and settling into the session, those nerves will go away and you’ll find yourselves at ease, laughing, and wishing you could do it again!

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